How To Get a Girl Naked And Into Bed

Signs a Girl Wants a One-Night-Stand

So you want to a girl naked? Congratulations. Your ambitions are most respected and I’ve got some heck of a solution for you today.

But often, getting a girl naked can cause a lot of anxiety and confusion. What do you do? When do you do it? How do you avoid making a giant mistake that might offend her or make her think you’re a total pervert and send her running for the hills?

There are tons of mistakes you can make – yet this is going to be a lot easier once you know exactly what to do, so I’m going to lay out a complete game plan for you in just a minute.

Before we jump in…

I’m Going To Make A Couple Assumptions…

  1. The girl you like is interested in you and likes seeing you too.
  2. You’ve spent some alone time together and have kissed and made out.
  3. You’ve got her alone in a secluded place (it doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom or a bathroom – just that you’re alone and she’s comfortable).

To Get Started Just Follow These 4 Steps…

First, you want to test the waters. By this point you should be alone and have been making out a lot prior, making drinking, and there’s been a lot of mutual touching going on… even if you’re clothes are still on.

Second, get your priorities straight. What’s the goal here? I’m going to take a big guess and assuming you want sex. Keep an open mind here. She does not need to be totally naked in order to have sex. So if you want to have sex the goal is not necessarily to get her naked… it’s to get her comfortable enough to have sex.

Third, don’t be so predictable. Women have had a handful (sometimes a very large handful) of men before you tried to get in their pants. Many of failed and some have succeeded. Either way, you want to do something that isn’t the same thing 90% of guys are doing. If you do something predictable then she’s going to give you a very rehearsed and predictable response like… “we should slow down” or “lets wait.”

The goal is to get her out of this logical thinking. To get her caught up in the moment. And that means being unpredictable and spontaneous so she can’t think ahead even if she tried.

Fourth and finally, move up the ladder. When you get physical with a woman you want to move in a certain order. Usually touching starts with her hands, then her arms shoulders and neck, and then her lower back and thighs. If you skip any steps this will probably feel uncomfortable to her and she’s very likely to stop you and even decide she doesn’t like you any more because you’re making her so uncomfortable.

If you’re taking her clothes off then you can use the ladder of taking her shoes off, then shirt, then bra, then pants, then underwear. But again, remember, be unpredictable.
Here’s A Pro Tip For You…

Pro Tip: Leave her shirt on, have her take her shoes off when she comes into your place, and if you can try have sex without taking her underwear off. This is enough to be unpredictable, but feel free to come up with your own ideas and post them in the comments below to help our your Gotham Club brothers!

Bottom Line: Want to get her naked? Be predictable and spontaneous. Don’t skip steps on the ladder so everything feels smooth to her. And finally, make sure you’re alone and have had some heavy kissing before you’re thinking about removing clothing.

Article courtesy of The Gotham Dating Club

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