How To Meet MORE Women In LESS Time

How To Meet MORE Women In LESS Time


Learn how to meet more women in less time – if you’re busy or just want to spend more time on other things, this guide is great!

Ever been at a bar or a party and asked your friend… “where the hell are all the hot women?”

And sometimes you hit that perfect place that’s just packed with women. My friend joking calls this “shangri la” but it escapes many men.

The shocking part is, women often wonder… “where the hell are all the guys?”

So if you can find them, you’ve certainly got an advantage of the other men that these women can’t seem to find.

Meeting more women using just the time you have now is easy.

I find it’s best to look at it like a business opportunity.

Say you want to buy an apartment building to invest your money. It’s on your mind a lot and you’re learning a lot lately about apartment buildings, so naturally everywhere you walk you notice the buildings and your thinking in general leads you to more and more apartment buildings and opportunities.

Now go back and re-read that last paragraph, but replace “apartment building” with the word “women.”

All you walk through your daily routine, figure out how you can incorporate more opportunities to meet more women. I’ll give you a few I’ve been using to get you started…

1. Take public transportation instead of driving by yourself
2. Eat lunch out at a popular busy place where it’s easy to mingle
3. Run an errand at a place where women like to shop (like a shopping mall) rather than your local store

But beware! Once you starting meeting more women you’d better know what to do with them!

Cover your butt and make sure you handle women like a pro. Master your conversations and “first impressions” with women so well that phone calls, texts, and dates are a breeze… and you’re not coming back to searching for “why didn’t my date show up?

Article courtesy of The Gotham Dating Club

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