Selena Life Size Sex Doll


There are many incredible sex dolls out there. Some have a realistic feel, a lifelike look, can give their owner incredible pleasure….but only Selena can boast the ultimate fantasy turned reality, with a true-to-life, actual fucking experience! She is 5 ft. 5 inches of pure pleasure, yours to have any time you want her. Her soft, beautiful skin is flawlessly wrapped around a sophisticated skeletal system. Her bones and joints move realistically, and allow you to pose her in many different positions. She is designed to stay in place once you have her how you want her. Once you have her in position, you can choose either her plush pussy or tight ass, grab her lifelike hips, and enjoy sexual intercourse as much as you like. With her Bust:36C/34C
Waist:66cm/60cm andHip:90cm/85cm figure and her full C cup breasts, you can enjoy playing dress up. She comes with her own nighty with matching panties. Brush and style her long hair. Kiss her pouty pink lips. Run your hands across her smooth skin. Enjoy the full girlfriend experience in the privacy of your own home. Take her in the bath with you when it is time to clean up.


1.Made of high quality materials: The material is liquid silicone,
imported from US,the silicone can are very soft, just like human skin
and not any smell, with strong toughness and easy to clean.

2.With warm temperature like human: This technology is our patent.
The body of doll with infrared ray, which can warm up the body of doll,
the temperature is keep around 37 centigrade degree, just like the temperature
of human’s body, don’t be worried about sex with the cold dolls in winter.

3.Can make sounds: We use the Intelligent chip sensor to make the
distortionless sounds,we can transcribe the sounds you like, which will
make you have a romantic sex with the dolls with sexual moans, that will
make you feel exciting.

4.With flexible metal skeleton: Our dolls have metal skeleton inside, can
make the dolls move like human’sjoints,you can enjoy different sex postures
as you can, and the skeleton also make the doll more durable.

5.Life-like: The skin of the dolls feel like the skin of human, it’s very soft
and stretchy.

6. Customization : We can make the dolls as customers’ requirements,
let you have your own favorite dolls.

Product Description

Selena Lifelike Sexdoll

Selena Lifelike Sexdoll

Retail: $1595
Manufacturer Sku #: MP1001
Shipping Weight: 65.00 pounds


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